Workshop Schedule

2019 Workshop List Coming Soon!

10 AM

Holistic Life Planning with Michelle Howell of Need More Acres Farm
Michelle Howell and her husband Nathan (along with their five children) are full time farmers in Scottsville, Kentucky.  Michelle will share practical tools and resources for balancing family, work, meal planning, rest and play.  This session is not just for farmers, but for anyone hoping to live a life that prioritizes health, relationships and doing good in your community.

From Barn to Yarn: A Kentucky Wool Project with Robin Verson of Hill and Hollow Farm

Robin Verson and her husband Paul introduced wool sheep onto their farm in 2005. From that first shearing until the present, they have been striving to develop a viable local fiber product. This workshop will take you on a journey from sheep to shawl. Topics covered will include managing a flock for wool production, demystifying mill work, raising and using dye plants, and marketing your farm fiber.

Cultivating Gratitude in Death and Dying with Beth Nolte of Death Well—The Greatest Transition

Death is inevitable. Dying alone or in fear does not have to be. Dying involves the body and the soul in the greatest transition we will ever make. This workshop will discuss bringing presence and ritual into the physical act of dying. Let us begin to create a setting where death is experienced with honor, respect, and sacredness.

Preparing for an Unmedicated Birth with Mary Duke of My Sunshine Birth Services

This class will cover preparing for a natural birth in both hospital and home settings.

Holistic Organic Garden Maintenance with Kayla Preston of Grow Appalachia

All living organisms are connected in the garden, if its sending nutrients from one plant to the other through its roots or if its the nitrogen fixing cover crops. Why is soil so important to growing food and how do we further our understanding of this relationship? In this workshop we will take a look at gardening in a form of mimicking nature and using resources locally. This is a beginner level course with a broad perspective on how to incorporate nutrients into the soil without investing in industry and tilling.

11 AM

Off-Grid Solar with John Cotten of Wilderness Trace Solar

1 PM

Make Mead Like a Viking with Jereme Zimmerman

Learn to make your own mead (honey wine) using techniques that have been utilized by ancient cultures since the first discovery of bubbling honey and its magical effects. Jereme Zimmerman focuses on wild-crafting and spontaneous-fermentation techniques, but also discusses other mead-making practices. Be prepared for an engaging discussion on mead, Vikings, and the simplicity of fermenting your own honey-based alcoholic beverages using local, raw, unfiltered honey, and ingredients harvested from the wild and your own garden.

Seed Saving 101 with Lake Cumberland Master Gardeners

The Alchemy of Herbs and Smoke with Carletta DeLonjay of Ethereal Smoke

Join clinical herbalist Carletta DeLonjay and learn how to craft your own herbal smoking blends.  Herbs have medicinal qualities and can be used to calm the nervous system, build libido or even lessening dependence on tobacco.  These three topics will be discussed along with additional uses for particular herbs when preparing tea or tincture.  Sampling will be available and learning inevitable!

Maple Sugaring in Kentucky with Dale Nickel of Old Maple Farms

Maple syrup production isn’t just for New Englanders! Join this class to learn what trees to look for, how to tap a tree, how to process the sap, filtering, and bottling. We will also discuss a brief history of maple syrup production.

Natural Building 101: How to Build a House with Clay and Straw with Ziggy Liloia

2 PM

Backyard Poultry 101 with Geoff McPherson of Good Life Ranch

Learn several options for starting your own backyard flock to provide you with a sustainable source of eggs, meat, fertilizer, and entertainment. 

Treatment Free Beekeeping with Charles Terrell of Select Honey
In this workshop we will cover topics related to treatment free beekeeping. We will answer these questions:  What is treatment free beekeeping?  What are the benefits?  Is it for me?  We will share our ideas and experiences for colony management and controlling varroa mites and hive beetles without the need of chemicals.
Why Organic Matters with Brooke Gentile of Organic Association of Kentucky
Join Brooke Gentile, from the Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK), to hear about the trends in organic agriculture and the opportunities for organics in Kentucky. In the past two years the number of certified organic farms has nearly doubled in Kentucky and OAK’s programs are on the forefront of supporting farmers as they transition to organic production, providing technical assistance and connecting growers to viable markets. From high impact programs and statistics to certification standards and detailed information on health and environmental benefits, you’ll get the quick and deep download on “why organic matters” for you as a consumer, for Kentucky farmers and farm land, and for our shared environment and natural resources.


3 PM

Ferment the Harvest with Jereme Zimmerman

Fermenting vegetables through wild fermentation (the use of wild yeasts and bacteria to initiate fermentation) is a healthy, enlivening practice that will help restore the balance of beneficial microbes in your gut and introduce you to a world of new flavors. Learn how to ferment cabbage, beans, carrots, peppers, and myriad other vegetables as a method for preserving the harvest without the use of any modern conveniences. Zimmerman will discuss his method for making basic sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as pickling vegetables such as cucumbers and beans, and will delve into the vast opportunities in experimentation available to the modern fermenter.

Off-grid Permaculture Farming  with Susana Lein of Salamander Springs Farm

Want to grow for market without tillage, mechanization, or outside inputs? To transform poor non-agricultural land into healthy, productive soil? To make a living using permaculture, living entirely off the grid?  Salamander Springs Farm produces a wide range of vegetables, grains, dry beans, fruits, nuts, herbs, forest foods & flowers for CSA, markets, stores and online sales.  Featured in the internationally-acclaimed 2015 permaculture documentary, “INHABIT,” Susana Lein is a pioneer in farm-scale permaculture.  Built from scratch, the farm operates totally off-grid with few outside inputs, gravity-feed spring water, a small solar electric system, a self-built passive-solar tiny house & farm buildings.  No-till grain & dry bean fields utilize continuous cover cropping including poultry forage, inspired by the late Japanese rice farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka. “3-Sisters” cornfields, a system learned during Lein’s 8 years in Latin America, also produce pole beans & winter squash.  Learn to implement permaculture practices such as contour swales, intensively-cropped beds and Hugelkultur practices.. See website and photo site for more info.

Soap Making 101 with Stephanie Prewitt of Tripple J Farm

Build a PowerHouse: Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Nikita Perumal and Lisa Abbott of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth with Rachel Norton of Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

Eastern Kentuckians want clean and affordable energy and good local jobs. Join your friends and neighbors at the our “PowerHouse Workshop” to learn strategies and skills you can use to help lower your energy bills and strengthen our local community. This 90-minute workshop offers do-it-yourself strategies for weatherizing homes and trailers, plus ways to benefit from solar energy. We’ll also connect our energy efficiency work to grassroots power, by highlighting opportunities to help each other out and get better results from our elected officials and utilities. This is the place to get your questions answered about energy efficiency and renewable energy, and to connect with other people who want to strengthen our homes and communities. Participants will receive a free energy-efficiency kit and have opportunities to win other door-prizes.

Food for Life : the Power of Food for Health with Becky Moore of Somerset Fitness RX

Eating is not just for survival. In this workshop we’ll focus on the diet-disease connection, and how healthful eating habits can help prevent disease and create joy and longevity. Learn how foods work in the body to feed illness and how it can help you to feel better and live longer.  With take home recipes for mood boosting foods, and for fighting colds.

4 PM

DIY Home Coffee Roasting with John Allnut

This class will teach you the basics of roasting your own green coffee beans.  Roasting is a very easy skill to learn, inexpensive, can save you money, and can make great gifts for those you love.  The class will include free brewed coffee sample at the end.  

Natural Weight Loss with Claire Fulton

Are you stuck at the weight you hate? Have you tried every diet and fad out there with no results? You might be shocked to discover the hidden culprit in your home that’s keeping that fat where you don’t want it! Simple, easy changes that change everything you’ll find them here.My Favorite Plant Medicines: How to find them, grow them, and use them in your daily life with Mea Adams

Of all the plants I have studied and used over the years, these are the ones that have stuck with me through thick and thin. I think of them as faithful friends, and honestly cannot imagine life without them anymore. I am excited to share our stories with you! In this class I hope to not only blow your mind with the healing power of the natural world, but show you that it is easy and practical to harness and nurture this healing power in your every day life.

5 PM


Grassfed Cattle: Ecological Design with Micah Wiles of Cedar Creek Farm 

Wild ruminants such as bison play a key role in building soils and maintaining grassland ecosystems. In this workshop we will discuss how to model your grazing operation based on ecological principles observed in nature in order to build soil on your farm and raise 100% grassfed cattle. 

On-Grid Solar with John Cotten of Wilderness Trace Solar

Beginning Backyard Beekeeping with Charles Terrell of Select Honey
There is a lot of information out there on beekeeping. In this workshop, we will take you through the basics of getting started in backyard beekeeping.  Topics include: choosing equipment, tools, location, where to get bees, working your hives, and finally mistakes we made so you don’t have to!
Making Plant Based Dyes for Beginners with Caitlin Randall of Living Local Color
An introduction to creating natural fiber dyes at home.  Forage leaves, nuts and barks, use flowers and seeds from your own garden and scraps from your kitchen to dye beautiful earthen hues.  We will discuss what you’ll need to get started, my methods of dyeing, extracting color, dyeing fibers and color fastness.  Learn how to process raw materials to save for dyeing natural fiber all year round.